Reference Videos

A Panel Zoomcast on the basic quantum science and dimensional applications of Project Silvery Lining.


Here are the links of websites mentioned by the panel members during the above Zoomcast:

From Michael Henry Dunn to Everyone:
From Robyn Davis to Everyone:
From Patricia K Faust to Everyone:
Here is the Thiru Neela Quantum for clearing throat chakra of past lives, poverty, karma, disease, aging, limited thinking here is the link for all Dr. Pillai YouTube videos on Quantum Sounds
From Pamela Minton to Everyone:
SOUNDHEALTHINC.COM is Sharry Edwards site. Voice bio. is Don Estes site.


The best I have found on A.I. is this one on GAIA TV. It is a subscription portal, but if you are a subscriber to this channel, you will be able to watch it.